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Your Page is like no other website design company in the UK, we specialize in making personalised personal homepages. We can make you a page to use as your default homepage. With links to all your favourite sites, when you connect to the internet you don't need to go looking for the sites you visit the most often, they are all there ready for you.

You can choose your favourit colours and we can even add your favourite photo, really making it Your Page. Once personalised the page will be uploaded to your own free webspace - normally your internet provider provides plenty of webspace for you to use or we can host Your Page for you.You will be able to access Your Page from any computer connected to the internet, so you won't have to rely on your memory to remember the addresses of all your favourite sites if you are not at home.

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Another great advantage is that parents can make sure they know which sites are readily available to their kids - by making a page full of their favourite links and child friendly search engines and kid friendly directories the chances of children finding an unsuitable site are greatly reduced.

Because we only design personalised homepages, we can keep costs very reasonable - see Prices for current pricing and offers. To find out more about having Your Page designed personally for you or maybe as a special gift or if you wish to try a free website check out the menu below or at the top of the page.

If you have any questions about Your Page or ordering Your Page please feel free to Contact Us.

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All your favourite links in one place, no more searching.


Access Your Page from any computer in the world connected to the internet.


Make it safer for your kids to surf the internet.


Your favourite colours and your favourite photo.


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