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How To?

Hopefully on this page you will find all the answers to your questions about how to have your own Your Page. If however you still have a question or you are not sure of anything please feel free to contact us.

How to order Your Page

  • Firstly we recommend that you check out our Examples Page to see what you like. Are there any particular colours you prefer? Maybe you prefer a certain design or layout of a particular page or even have your own ideas ready.
  • Next you need to consider which of your links you would like placed on Your Page. Have a good look at your favourites folder to see which sites you visit on a regular basis. The normal maximum amount of links for a page is 30, however more can be added for an extra fee. Please also remember that you don't have to have 30 links, if you want or need fewer links that is of course no problem at all.
  • You also need to consider what you would like Your Page to be called eg. your name or name of your theme etc. If you don't wish to personalise your name that is fine, your page will by default be called Your Page. All homepages designed will have a custom heading graphic made to match the colour scheme.
  • Is there a photo you would like placed on Your Page. Maybe yourself, a loved one, friends or family, your pet, your car, something you collect etc.

Once you have decided your links and what you would like your page to look like it is time to have a look at the Order Page. Fill in the order form or email us your details and we will then design Your Page for you or contact you if we need to discuss your requirements further. Once Your Page has been designed we will then upload it to our own test area for a limited time and contact you about viewing it. At this point you need to decide if you like Your Page and if you do decide to purchase it, once payment has been received, we will either upload Your Page to your own webspace or to our websapce (if we are hosting it).

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How to copy & paste your links.

Firstly there are two easy ways to copy and paste items. Highlight the words you want to copy, then you can either right click your mouse and select copy or you can press the Ctrl and c buttons at the same time. To paste the item either right click your mouse and select paste or press the Ctrl and v buttons at the same time.

Now time to copy & paste your links to us. Firstly open up two browser windows, one of them being the Your Page Order Page and the other one ready to select your favourites. Open your favourites folder and open the first site you want added to Your Page. The address bar is found at the top of the website and should look something like this.

The address bar.

Now highlight the address.

The address highlighted.

Copy this address then paste the address into the first link box on the Order Page.

Repeat this process with all the links you wish to have added to Your page, copying and pasting the addresses into the link boxes in the order you wish them to appear.

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How to send us your photo.

Firstly remember that it is much easier to use a photo that is either already on your computer, that you can take with a digital camera and transfer to your computer or a photo that you can scan into your computer. If you check the box on the Order Page confirming that you wish to use a photo we will then contact you with details on exactly how you can email your photo to us as an attatchment or we will give you the address to send your photo to. We will always do our best to return photos as quickly as possible and in the condition that we received them in.

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How to set Your Page as your default homepage.

Follow the simple instructions below to set Your Page as your default homepage.

  • Open Your Page - we will give you this address when it is uploaded to your webspace.
  • At the top of the page click on Tools and then Internet Options.

Click on Tools then Internet Options

  • Then follow these instructions.
  1. Click on Use Current - your address should now appear in the address box.
  2. Click on Apply.
  3. Click on Okay to close the internet options box.

Click on Use Current, Apply then Okay.

Your Page should now be set as your default homepage and should open up every time you connect to the internet.

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How to pay for Your Page.

We do not ask for any payment until you have decided you like and wish to purchase Your Page. We will design Your Page and upload it to our own test area webspace for you to view, it will be available for a limited time - normally 5 days. During this time you need to decide if you wish to purchase Your Page. If you do decide to purchase it, we will then contact you about the information we need to upload Your Page to your own webspace - your internet provider etc. As soon as we receive payment we will then proceed with uploading Your Page. If you decide not to purchase Your Page that is fine, Your Page will be removed from our test area and all links, photos and information regarding Your Page will be deleted.

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • UK residents
    • Credit Cards via Paypal - click HERE for more information.
    • Personal cheques - up to five working days clearance may be needed.
    • Cash - at your own risk (we recommended using recorded delivery).


  • Non-UK Residents - please email us first before filling in the order form.
    • Credit Cards via Paypal - click HERE for more information.

See Pricing Page for current prices, upgrade fees and any special offers currently availabe.

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How to get a free Your Page.

You may want to try out using a personalised homepage to see how easy it is before you decide to order you own. We have provided several themed homepages for exactly this purpose. Please visit our Free Pages page to view the current free homepage selection for you to set as your default homepage and try at your leisure.

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How to help us.

The best advertising any company can really have is personal recommendations by word of mouth. If you have used our services (including our free homepages) and were pleased with the service you received Please tell people about us. We are a small company and do not have a large advertising budget (we are trying to keep costs reasonable for you), our aim is to make life a little bit easier for as many people as we can, with Your help we can do this. Thank You.

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How to contact us.

If you have any questions, queries or comments about our services or this site, please visit our Contact page for further information or alternatively please feel free to email us at -




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