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Your Page - Why?

Why do you need Your Page designed?

Simply put, it makes life a little easier. If you are like the majority of internet users you probably have a little routine when you connect to the world wide web. Firstly you open your internet explorer which takes you to your default homepage, probably your internet providers website eg. NTL world homepage, MSN homepage or FreeServe homepage or maybe you have changed it to one of your favourite sites. After this you then open your favourites folder to look for and visit the next few sites that you go to on a daily basis eg. Google, Ebay, Yahoo, MSN etc.

This is where we can make things a little easier - by having your own homepage designed specifically with your favourite links on it. Once your page has been designed, approved and uploaded you can set your new personalised homepage as your default home - click HERE for simple instructions to do this. Now when you connect to the internet you go straight to Your Page with all your favourite links right there in one place. Each link will open in a new window so Your Page is still there to visit your next link when you are ready.

A few more advantages:

  • If you are away from home you will be able to access Your Page from any computer connected to the internet so you don't have to rely on your memory to remember many website addresses - just one - yours.
  • A great advantage is that parents can make sure they know which sites are readily available to their kids - by making a page full of their favourite links and child friendly search engines and kid friendly directories the chances of children finding an unsuitable site are greatly reduced. Plus of course your children can access their page on Gran & Grandpa's computer or when you are visiting friends etc.
  • We can add a favourite photo to your page to really make it your own. Firstly this customizes you computer making it a little bit more unique (not many people leave the original background on for long do they?) and it will certainly impress your friends and family - ooh, is that Your Page!

We design every homepage from scratch so if you have any particular colours or a theme in mind we will always do our best to accommodate you. Once you have filled in the Order form, we will design Your Page or contact you for further information (this can normally be done through emails). Once we have designed Your Page, we will upload it to our own test area space where you will be able to view it for a limited time - normally 5 days. At this point if you decide you like Your Page and decide to purchase it, once payment has been received we will upload Your Page to your own webspace or we can host it for you for a very minimal fee. Most internet providers provide plenty of free webspace. If your does not or you plan to change internet providers, don't worry, we can host it for you.

* We do not ask for any payment until you have decided you like and wish to purchase Your Page *

At this point there are many people saying "what a great idea but I could do that myself". You are absoultely right, what we are doing is relatively straight forward with the right software and the time to do it BUT will you? Another idea is to have a page designed as a gift for someone special or for the person who already has everything. We make it all a little easier for you.

Please proceed to the HOW TO page to learn more about getting your own Your Page.



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