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On the right you will finds links to some of our free website homepages free for you to try. Please feel free to set your choosen free homepage as your default homepage so you can really see how easy the whole process is and to see if having your own Your Page could make life a little easier for you. There is no fee or charge for this, all we ask in return is for you to spread the word - if someone comments on Your free Page please point them to our website -

Below are a few points to consider if using a free homepage.

  • The free homepages contain extra advertising links and set as default links. These will not appear on Your Page. We do place one text or graphic link (to us) on each homepage purchased but this can be removed with a small extra charge.
  • These free homepages will be updated from time to time, if you are using a free homepage and it suddenly disappears please do not panic. Simply return here to either get another free homepage or consider ordering your own Your Page.
  • We reserve the right to remove the free homepages without any notice if necessary due to bandwidth problems - very unlikely but we have warn you just in case.

Don't forget, it will be your links on Your Page if you decide to purchase one. Choose your free website / homepage Today but please don't forget to tell people where you got it from. Enjoy.


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